Summer was born with the innate psychic talents to read astrology, see auras & see spirits. By age three she was writing astrological signs in the dirt and conversing with loved ones on the other side. By age six, she was writing Egyptian hieroglyphs from past-life memory and teaching her elders about themselves.

In her adult life, Summer continued her traditional & spiritual education to fortify herself with many techniques, methods & tools to assist people in finding their inner selves & their souls. In essence, who you really ARE.

In her readings & consultations, Summer uses her talents to assist you in creating joy, gratitude, forgiveness, success & prosperity in your life. She particularly excels in knowing where & when to find love, soulmates, partners & marriage. Summer will help you determine how, when, and the best specific times to increase your money, success & professional goals. She will help direct you to your most successful job or career possibilities. She will help guide you to where your talents are, helping you find your purpose and life’s destiny. In short, Summer can add dimensions of satisfaction into your life.

Summer’s greatest wish is to help you better know yourself, help to reconnect you with your soul’s essence, and guide you toward your spiritual destiny on this planet.

Summer has declined to submit a photo or record a video greeting.

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Summer has taken a personal leave of absence.
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