“The tools I use to read were given to me by a beautiful lineage of mystics in my family. As a fourth generation mystic I was trained in these gifts as a young child and developed them in my own way and pace for decades. I have been giving readings my entire life and am a lifelong student of these mysteries. My process and approach to readings is simple: I use angel tarot and oracle to offer a personal, in-depth approach to each reading.

I receive strong, sentient impressions from Spirit and translate them in a loving, light infused experience for those I read for. As an Intuitive Healer I work in the realms of light to offer loving guidance and insights. I specialize in relationships, Life’s path, family and friendship issues, removing fear and blocks, opening emotional centers and gentle wound clearing. Writing is a powerful tool for healing. I encourage those I work with to journal and connect to their guides, angels and intuitive nature as well. Healing is a relational process. The work arises from a sacred contract of witnessing the journey of another and offering love, compassion, wisdom and support. I am inspired by this work and am thankful to participate in environments that are dedicated to the wisdom and integrity of shared healing. Deep listening, meditation, dream analysis and guided imagery are fundamental tools in this approach. By being fully present for another the healing energy is expanded and transformations occur. Resting together in a temple of Light, renewing spirits and opening the heart center we begin to embrace healing and new dreams.”

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