In her reading sessions, Elise uses a regular deck of cards to assist you with direction, specific questions and a general overview of what is important for you in the moment. She uses the information in the cards blended with her intuition to help guide and counsel you.

Elise does healing sessions using Hypnotherapy and/or Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT). Please note that the first Hypnotherapy session with Elise is 90 minutes and 60 minutes for each following session. If you would like to experience Past-Life Regression Hypnosis please book two hours. Tapping sessions are usually one hour. Contact the store for pricing information.

Tapping helps us to release blockages and bring up the emotions and underlying components around issues that are causing limitations in our lives. The technique involves tapping on certain points that run through the meridian lines in our energy bodies. The client copies Elise to do the tapping on themselves while you both make certain statements that are related to the issue. In doing so it is like peeling an onion to get to the core of blockages. Any issue can be addressed using EFT from money problems to anxiety and anything in between!

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful method to use for behavioral changes that you wish to make. Whether it is weight loss, smoking cessation, dealing with stress & anxiety, relationship issues or pain relief, almost anything you are dealing with can be helped with hypnosis as long as you are ready & willing to make the changes.

In whatever modality or combination of modalities we work, Elise’s goal is to counsel you, empower you and offer alternatives to deal with life issues & to achieve your goals. Offering new ways of looking at things so that what was previously seen as a problem now becomes an opportunity to move to a next step and a to create a more balanced & joyful life.

Elise has a Bachelors’ Degree in Psychology & Sociology and is certified in both Hypnotherapy and EFT. She has been performing readings and Energy Work professionally for over twenty years.

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Elise Sherman, C.Ht.'s Sherman Oaks Schedule

Elise Sherman, C.Ht. has taken a personal leave of absence.
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